Useful Information

Useful Information

Avoiding an Accident
  1. Ensure that your vehicle is well maintained, this includes tyres
  2. Be aware of your following distance and adjust it relative to the speed that you are travelling
  3. Observe road conditions and be cautious of obstacles on the road
  4. Don’t try to multi-task while behind the wheel, focus on driving
  5. Don’t talk on your cell phone while driving, if you need to take a call behind the wheel use a hands free car kit or similar device so that you have two hands on the wheel
  6. Get organised before departing for your destination: Program your GPS, plug in your hands free or activate your car kit and put in a CD before you start driving
  7. Pay attention to special signage like those for road works, particularly on roads that you travel often
  8. Know your vehicles limits in terms of speed and handling
  9. Never drink and drive
  10. Obey the rules of the road
  11. Drive with your headlights on to increase visibility, particularly outside of urban areas
  12. Rest often during long journeys to avoid fatigue
In the event of a motor vehicle accident

The high density of vehicles on South Africa’s roads combined with other factors like damaged road surfaces and un-roadworthy vehicles mean that road accidents are very common.

If you are involved in a motor accident we suggest that you follow the following procedure:

  1. Stop your vehicle immediately. Summon an ambulance if there have been any injuries. Call the Police.
  2. Observe legal requirements for the removal of the vehicles from the scene of the accident:
    • If any person has been injured or killed no vehicle involved in the accident may be removed until a police officer authorises its removal.
    • In cases where a vehicle completely obstructs the roadway, it may be removed after its position has been clearly marked on the road surface.
    • If you are certain no death or injury has been caused you must move your vehicle out of harm’s way to avoid traffic congestion or further accidents.
  3. Give your particulars to the other party and in addition you must obtain their particulars in return.
  4. Should your vehicle be un-drivable please contact us for assistance with towing your vehicle:  082 652 4791.
  5. Report the accident to the police as soon as possible within 24 hours, you will need to obtain written acknowledgement of the report (case number) from the police.
  6. Report the accident to your insurance company/broker as soon as possible.


For further information in relation to Road Safety, visit the below links:


Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers
Reflex 24/7 Assistance 082 652 4791
Emergency Services 112 (from your cellphone)
Netcare 911 010 209 8911
ER Emergency 084 124
Ambulance 10177
South African Police 10111
City of Johannesburg Emergency Connect 011 375 5911

Useful Contact Numbers

Johannesburg Central 011 375 5911
Boksburg 011 894 7333
Bedfordview 011 458 3000
Midrand 011 375 5911
Randburg 011 375 5911
Roodepoort 011 375 5911
Sandton 011 375 5911
Ambulance and fire headquarters

(non-emergency, office hours only)

011 472 1599
St John's Ambulance 011 403 4227/ 2346

For more contact numbers please click here

Tools to Enhance the Road

Tools to Enhance Road Use

The AA's calculator and tools offer you a comprehensive collection of data designed for the road user.