Ajay Baboolal

You always wow me when it comes to client satisfaction and service.

From the date that my accident was reported till date you’ve liaised with, keep me informed, arranged the assessment, car hire, collection – you know what, the list goes on. I just wanted to thank you for all that you do and my God take care of you and your family the exact same way that you take care of your clients.  I am so impressed and satisfied with your service that I have no more words for you.

I want to comment also on the service received by Carlos from Reflex Panelbeaters;  he and his team also deserve a trophy honestly.  I never thought that customer service will be delivered in such an exceptional way.  Continuous communication, fully informative, employees are very well presented and always smiling with the will to help and explain.

Carlos has done magic to my car, the car looks as good as new.  These guys also deserve compliments for what they do and you can see by Carlos’ nature (there is only one way and that is the right way).

Well done Carlos, my future panel shop of choice.

So again thanks to you Debbie and Carlos for the most amazing service rendered.

Kind regards,

Ajay Baboolal

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