Our Repair Process

Our Repair Process

There are a number of stages in the repair process.  Your vehicle will go through some or all of these stages depending on the extent of the damage.

STAGE 1: Vehicle Admission

We will check your vehicle into our workshop and fit protective gear to your vehicle where necessary. Before any repair work or disassembly starts, we inspect the main systems and components of a vehicle. A job card and parts list is produced based on the results that were documented.

STAGE 2: Disassembly

Damaged components will be removed by our professional technicians. Any hidden or previously unseen damaged parts will be examined and reported. All additional damage will need to be authorised by your insurance company. Only once the additional repairs or parts have been approved by your insurance company will we commence with the restoration.

STAGE 3: Panelbeating

Panelbeating is a highly specialised task. Our skilled team of specialists repair and replace damaged parts to restore your vehicle, using specialised equipment. We utilise electronic diagnostic devices, chassis straightening equipment, body saws, welders, jigs and specialised tooling in this process. Motor manufacturers utilise a number of different types of steel in building a safe, structurally sound vehicle. These manufacturer standards require the use of a variety of different techniques and tools to repair these various types of steel. Using manufacturer approved techniques ensures that your vehicle is as safe structurally after the repair as it was before. We enforce strict quality controls to ensure that everything is done correctly, according to our high standards and those of the manufacturer.

STAGE 4: Preparation

This department prepares the body panels for spraypainting to ensure the best results. The area of our workshop that we use for this has a pressurised ventilation system and a special centralised vacuum system to eliminate dust particles. All components are dried, laid flat and a primer is applied to insulate the material. Once this primer is cured, the panels are prepared to a smooth finish. They are inspected to ensure that quality guidelines and thresholds have been met.

STAGE 5: Colour Matching & Spraypainting

Colour matching and spraypainting require both precision and dedication. Our highly skilled technicians use the latest computerised colour matching systems to precisely match your vehicles paint colour. Our systems can even precisely match the newest colours and shades. Reflex use waterborne products which are environmentally friendly.

Dedicated pressurised vacuum spray booths are utilised to eliminate any dust particles during the spray process. Our technicians are equipped with the latest and safest breathing apparatus when spraypainting.

Great care is taken to ensure a flawless finish. We perform quality checks once all components are sprayed and dried.

STAGE 6: Assembly

The same artisan who was responsible for stripping your vehicle assembles the parts and panels that were restored together with the new parts. These components are aligned and adjusted accordingly. To ensure that everything is assembled perfectly, thorough checks are carried out to test the integrity of these components.

STAGE 7: Mechanical

Many collisions cause damage over and above structural damage to the body of the vehicle. We have qualified technicians who will repair any such damage as part of the panelbeating job. At this stage, we double check for any mechanical damage to ensure everything is as it should be upon delivery. We do a full electronic diagnosis to make sure all electronic systems are working correctly. In addition, we check suspension, wheel alignment, air-conditioning and safety features. Our expertise and dedication extend beyond the body of your vehicle.

STAGE 8: Polishing

To enhance your vehicles paintwork and to ensure that all of the surfaces look the same as the freshly sprayed panels/ surfaces, we polish your entire vehicle using professional equipment.

STAGE 9: Cleaning & Final Quality Check

Your vehicle will be cleaned thoroughly. After cleaning we do a full quality inspection of the entire vehicle to make sure that we are satisfied with the result of the restoration process. Road tests are also conducted to ensure that the vehicle performs and behaves as it should. The process is now almost complete.

STAGE 10: Paperwork & Delivery

We complete all of the necessary paperwork and have it verified. Once the verification process is complete, we will call you to arrange a suitable time for the delivery or collection of your vehicle. On delivery or collection of your vehicle, we will take you around the vehicle and explain the repair work carried out. When you’re completely satisfied, you will be provided with a Release Form for signature and your keys will be handed over.