We at Reflex Panelbeaters and Spraypainters believe in actively doing our utmost in looking after the Environment.  We have therefore introduced, as one of our paint products, a waterborne based paint, which is a safer choice for the workplace and the environment. Waterborne based paints are specially designed for automotive collision and offer quick coverage and faster drying times.

Waste Management

Reflex Panelbeaters conforms to the environmentally friendly disposal of oil and other waste materials, through integrated waste management service providers.  This system is in line with current legislative requirements and meets the needs of various stakeholders.


We make it our business to minimise waste at Reflex by dealing with it in a responsible manner.  Recyclables are removed from Reflex by VA Consulting and then sorted and recycled in an environmentally safe manner.

From Pallet to Bench

Norman Deetlefs (storeman) inspects a new part that is carefully packaged and delivered in wood by the supplier, in order to prevent damage.

The wood was later converted into a bench for the canteen staff.  This was a part-time hobby carried out by the late Mr Salvador da Silva (workshop assistant and co-owner), who's dedication and passion for the Company will be continued in his memory.


From Pickup to Recyclers

Reflex has dedicated service providers who collect the following recyclables from our premises: - glass, plastic, cans, used oil, scrap metals, thinners, paint, paper and packaging materials.  Any non-recyclables found in the process, are then disposed of at the relevant controlled municipal dumping yards.