Our Preparation Department prepares the necessary parts and body panels for spray painting, which is an art in itself.

Our Preparation Booth is spacious to allow ease of movement of technicians.  Good lighting allows accurate application and a pressurised ventilation system and dedicated centralised vacuum system eliminates any dust particles.

While some panels may be straightened with a hammer and dolly, most require filler to be perfect.  If necessary we utilise different filler types.  It takes many hours of spreading body filler, sanding, and repeating the process to ensure a panel's straightness, and, again, some specialty products and tools are required.

Auto sanding is performed by using a long sanding board or air file held horizontally against the panel.  Using a small sanding block on a wavy panel will simply make the block ride over these waves.  Therefore, using a long sanding board will bridge the high and low spots of the panel, smoothing out the wavy panel texture.

The part and/or panel shape is checked many times during this process to ensure the best results.

All the prepared components are then dried and laid flat.  A primer is then applied to insulate the material.

Once the primer is cured, the parts and panels are prepared by hand to a smooth finish, using various dry flatting paper.  The parts and panels are repeatedly inspected during this process to ensure quality guidelines and thresholds have been met.



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