Panel Beating is highly specialised work, which entails the repair of a vehicle’s body back to its vehicle manufacturers specification..

To ensure that your vehicle is structurally safe after repair, Reflex Panelbeaters and Spraypainters’ highly skilled technicians follow strict manufacturer approved techniques and approved equipment to restore your vehicle back to its factory condition.

Vehicle manufacturers will specify how a repair is to be carried out, considering, but not excluding:-

  • extent of damage,
  • location of the damage,
  • if the area is subject to repeated stress,
  • type of surface (e.g. flat, corner, or engineered shape),
  • restoration of the corrosion protection,
  • restoration of part dimensions.

Accident repair may require either the repair or replacement of various parts of a vehicle, and in many cases both.

Reflex Panelbeaters and Spraypainters’ highly skilled technicians conduct repair work using automotive repair techniques and state of the art equipment.

Vehicle manufacturers utilise a number of different types of metals in building safe, structurally sound vehicles.   The various metal types have different characteristics and properties.  We at Reflex Panelbeaters and Spraypainters understand these characteristics and properties and conduct repair work in accordance by way of various techniques and the use of specialised tooling.

We use electronic diagnostic devices, chassis straightening equipment, body saws, welders, jigs and specialised tooling in the process of collision repair. This allows us to restore a vehicle back to original factory specifications.  This guarantees you that panels will fit properly and steering and handling of the vehicle will be accurate and as originally manufactured.

All damaged panels are brought back to bare metal with paint stripping if needed.  This process takes the damaged panel back to clean metal and removes all corrosion, which shows where the repairs are needed.

Any welding work necessary is solid and discrete.  In our workshop, you will never find unnecessary areas of metal welding work or excessive use of filler.

All clean metal parts are then treated with an automotive paint primer, which allows the best known protection against rust.  An additional advantage of this primer is its adhesive characteristic, to both metal and any other material used in the repair process.



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