Reflex offers an opportunity to achieve qualifications through hard work and determination.


Keegan was a young student of 17 years and fresh out of school, who always had a passion for this trade but was not qualified.

Keegan was trained internally and after a number of dedicated years in this trade, Reflex Panelbeaters realised his potential and approached MERSETA.

Keegan aso successfully completed his trade test.

Today Keegan is an officially qualified panel beater and we celebrate his achievement.



Richard was officially employed as a general worker and then showed an interest in the spray painting department.  He was trained in house during the next couple of years.

Reflex Panelbeaters then gave Richard the opportunity to become qualified as a spray painter.  Extensive consultations with MERSETA resulted in him completing his trade test.

After years of experience, Richard successfully completed the above and we are proud to have him as an officially qualified spray painter.


Standing with Carlos Pereira, Workshops Manager

MERSETA (Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority)



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